Best reason Why your web strategy must be rock solid


A lot of websites are built daily and aired as well, but most of the developers forget that this alone wouldn’t work. In fact, one of the most detrimental moves that many companies make is to build a website without understanding that the creation of the site is just the first step in an endless commitment. You have to constantly update and market your website. “Recent statistics show that 80% of customers begin their buying research online, and to insure that your product or service shows up for these potential customers, you need to take some basic actions to keep your Web site current and performing,”.

Lakhendra, CEO & Founder at iQuinceSoft, shares these insights about what it takes to keep your web strategy up to speed so it produces consistently positive results for your business.

What should be your considerations towards an effective Web strategy?

You must start at your website. Basic requirements of being found at the top of the search results when people are looking for your product or service are:

1) Relevancy to the topic they are searching for, and
2) Freshness of content you have.

How do we bring it all together to hit the target?

Three things that we ensure and have your web site integrated with are:

  • A content management system (CMS)
  • Analytics (Google analytics is free and serves this need well)
  • Integration with your CRM for tracking leads through to sales

These will help ensure that your website is built to be search-engine-optimization friendly, and friendly to the moving target of your ongoing Web marketing needs.

If it takes a web programmer to add web pages or affect a change to your website, then your web marketing is doomed before it begins. When you are forced to incur the time and expense of programming to achieve the ongoing needs of your Web marketing, you bog down your ability to quickly adjust to the dynamic nature of marketing. This costs not only time and money; it will cost you sales and competitive performance in your market.

How do we develop a winning ongoing Web strategy?

A web strategy that continues to perform is an ongoing process of planning, executing, measuring and adjusting. Planning your Web strategy is often the most intense and most crucial exercise. A great rule of thumb that we follow is to be readily able to answer:

  • What goalyou are furthering with the website.
  • Who is your audience.
  • What metricwe are using to gage it.

Taking this disciplined approach to crafting your Web game plan is how we separate ourselves from the competition. A constant of the Internet world is change. Very often this is rapid change. Having your core and flexibility in synch puts you ahead of the game. From there, it is vital to put in place the processes and the people who are skilled and equipped to keep your Web marketing in motion and delivering best results.

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