AboutThe Client

About the project

Main objective of this website was to provide the users with direct access to various brands across the globe. To attain it website uses the redirection method i.e. after a user clicks on a particular product, he/she is redirected to the main website related to that product and user is able to place the order.

It enlists and displays various products from brands and users are able to select a product, they wish to buy afterwards they get diverted to the respective website.

This project was quite different than others as it doesn’t provide the users with the ability of direct purchase and we were asked to create something out of the box. Take a look at the combination of various comprehensive integrations we used:


About this project

Provide comprehensive product details.
  • It displays detailed information of the selected products.
  • It provides browsing options to see product details.
  • Categorized product layout.
Provide Search facility.
  • It enables user to enter the search text on the screen.
  • It enables user to select multiple options on the screen to search.
  • It displays all the matching products based on the search
  • It displays only 10 matching result on the current screen.
  • It enables user to navigate between the search results.
  • It notifies the user when no matching product is found on the search.
Maintain customer profile.
  • It allows user to create profile and set his credential.
  • It authenticates user credentials to view the profile.
  • It allows user to update the profile information.
Provide personalized profile.
  • It displays both the active and completed order history in the customer profile.
  • It allows user to select the order from the order history.
  • It displays the detailed information about the selected order.
  • It displays the most frequently searched items by the user in the profile.
  • It allows user to register for newsletters and surveys in the profile.
Provide Customer Support.
  • It provides online help, FAQ’s customer support, and sitemap options for customer support.
  • It allows user to select the support type he wants.
  • It allows user to enter the customer and product information for the support.
  • It displays the customer support contact numbers on the screen.
  • It allows user to enter the contact number for support personnel to call.
  • It displays the online help upon request.
  • It displays the FAQ’s upon request.
Email confirmation
  • It maintains customer email information as a required part of customer profile.
  • It sends an order confirmation to the user through email.
Online chat.
  • User is able initiate an online chat for help.
  • Admin is able to get a notification for a chat request.
Allow Online Product reviews and ratings.
  • It displays the reviews and ratings of each product, when it is selected.
  • It enables the user to enter their reviews and ratings.
Provide detailed sitemap.
  • It allows user to view detailed sitemap.
Offer online promotions and rewards.
  • It displays all the available promotions to the user.
  • It allows user to select available promotion.
Graphical User Interface
  • It provides a uniform look and feel between all the web pages.
  • It provides a digital image for each product in the product catalogue.
  • It provides use of icons and toolbars.
  • The system provides multi language support.
Data Storage
  • The system’s back-end servers is only accessible to authenticated administrators.
  • The system’s back-end databases is encrypted.
About the Client:

Mr. Varun Joshi is a well established businessman in Duabi, UAE and has plans to expand the line of businesses he owns. We have been exceeding his expectations ever since he got on board and will continue to do so with many more opportunities yet to come.

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