AboutThe Client

Mr. Michael Connor has an well established business in USA, yet he wanted to create something that would benefit those who can’t avail the nearest medical help, because they are not aware of it. If you know someone who needs the same please let them know.

Hit the link below and experience yourself.


About this project

Mr. Michael Connor (Client) had a will to help people find the nearest medical help as soon as possible from one single portal across USA. So we brought the idea of creating a website, that would enlist all the hospitals and medical center from USA with the ability to let the users find them.

We first evaluated the requirement scale afterwards we came up with following integrations to be implicated:

Advanced search option for users so they can search all the listed hospitals across the USA;

i) By ZIP code.
ii) By Name.
iii) By area.
iv) By alphabet.
v) With recommendations.

• The user would be able to sign up for future updates.
• Extremely user-friendly interface.
• Blog integrations.
• The user would be able to provide feedback for a particular hospital and services received.
• Google map integration to help the users.

We also integrated rating system for users to share their experience with a particular hospital. When a person selects the hospital there is a list about five simple questions and feedback comments, after using the services, user can fill in the answers for these questions and provide rating as well. Anyone can see the ratings so they can choose the best service provider in future.

What Technology WE USED:

Custom development of the entire site will be done using WordPress.

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0; Netscape 7.x and above (only on Windows), FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Devices Compatibility: Website would be developed using responsive framework to let it work on mobile, desktop and computer devices

Scripting Language/ User Interface: HTML,

Client Side Scripting: Java Script

Database: MySQL

Back End Programming: PHP