AboutThe Client

India is rapidly growing into an influential world powerhouse today, standing on the precipice of purposefully taking command of this new identity, while becoming one of the new founding pillars developing the New World Operating System.

Our efforts here will be focused on showcasing how the development of the new world economy itself, mirrors the long colorful history of “World Indian Trade” throughout human history. We will also spotlight how India once starred as the center of world affairs as a major supply “Source” of many of the goods that flowed across the world. India has always been an important provider of value to the world at large. We will use this platform to showcase the importance of India as the purveyor of the originating “Source Code” of “Human Commerce”, the natural “Enrichment of Each Other, the People”.

Trade of all sorts has been used throughout human history to advance human development and India has played a major role in this process of human progression since the beginning of time. With the world moving rapidly into the 21st Century, India now finds itself in the position to once again Rise Append assume a position of power and prestige in the world that reflects it’s natural “Heritage Value”as a true contributorin being a “World Provider” of substance, merit and meaning.


About this project

Check out our personal stories from the Captains of Industry and listen to all of your Commercial Cohorts sharing their wisdom surrounding the many challenges facing traders within today’s New World Operating System.
We will be interviewing and curating the exceptional expertise surrounding all aspects of World Indian Trade. We will be placing an important commercial spotlight on all the key players within all segments that service this very broad and robust sector.
This specially designed platform for direct communication amongst the members of this unique working group will act as an inter-active resource bank for nurturing the growth of World Indian Trade.

Mirroring “Make In India”

  • We seek to Mirror the many broad-based benefits that the government is bringing to life through, Exports, Imports, Policy and Transportation. We will engage this process through the operating pillars in the realms of Culture, Community and Commerce that represent World Indian Trade in today’s world.
  • And now with the Indian Government effort with showcasing to the world at large, which sectors of the economy they want to focus on now, we intend to bring more meaningful and productive ‘conversation’ to these various sectors.