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World is going through the biggest technical reform and humanity is about to be introduced to Artificial Intelligence. Businesses are moving online because your prospects are online, we have been approached by a lot of clients who came up with one issue more or less:

“Developer couldn’t fulfil our expectations as the solution didn’t work for our business”

You see, developers are excellent when it comes to code and design a web or mobile app:

But is it enough to ensure your business growth online? You should ask this question to yourself. We realized this, way earlier and started focusing more on web consulting than on web development. Let’s try to understand the concept here:

To understand what a Web Consultant does, we first have to be clear on what a consultant is. A consultant is generally someone (a professional) who specializes in a particular area. In most cases a consultant is someone who gets paid for their expertise and insight. Our transformation as a web consulting firm is based on remarkable strategies for our clients, we prioritize some really important aspects as a web consulting firm:

  • Analyze the business and market situation to establish the strategy and solution
  • Determine what kinds of content they need on their website and, more importantly, figure out how the pages of their website connect to each other.
  • Figure out how the website is structured on the back end.
  • Make sure their website follows the best practices for search marketing.
  • Make sure their website has the correct tools installed to measure what their website is doing as well as making sure the client knows how to use these tools. Though we enjoy analyzing data, and work hard to put the data to use for clients.

These practices contribute to a rapid growth and constant results for our clients.  To understand it better, here is the recent case study:

Two competing business owners, Jaby and Alina, were looking to grow their companies with a new marketing platform on the web.  They both had the same vision in their head about how the platform should look and what results they should expect over the next few years.

Jaby found a web developer online who charged $20/hour. After explaining his vision for the platform, the developer got to work right away with great enthusiasm. Just a few weeks later, the platform was launched and Jaby was only out $1,500.

Alina asked her friend for a referral and was recommended to speak with a web consultant. After listening to her concept, the consultant came back with a list of ideas for alternative approaches to the platform and how it could be more readily adopted by customers. The platform project had turned into a marketing + sales tool that took $8,000 to build. Alina approved the project.

Two months after launch, Jaby hadn’t spoken to his web developer and it ended up only generating $3,000 in sales. And when he tried to contact the developer, he was told that they are on to new projects and couldn’t help maintain his system anymore.

Two months after Alina’s launch, her beast of a sales tool was generating $20,000 in sales – monthly! She had been able to take on additional staff members and grew her business with the revenues from the project’s success.

 We were able to fix things for Luther and everything has been pretty well for him since. This is why we have been recognized more as a web consulting firm than a web development agency.

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