Web Consulting that works and generates results.


If you are planning to get your business online, great move but hey, that requires:

  • An amazing strategy.
  • A target oriented platform.

So if you are thinking just by getting a website hanging online would get you placed above the pack then you might want to rethink about it. I mean a lot of your competitors are already there with good websites and mobile apps so what should you do?

This is where Web Consulting comes into picture.

Any mention of the word “website” and the general public automatically thinks pretty designs and ‘nice’ looking websites.

But web consulting goes far beyond this. We at iQuinceSoft do a lot more for our clients, starting with planning, overseeing the execution and delivery but most importantly providing guarantee of a successful platform that adds value to your business. This often includes:

  • Information architecture of the project
  • Content planning and creation
  • Ensuring all the technical aspects are in place
  • Communicating as a go-between with the client and team
  • Tracking and managing the process and execution of the project from end to end
  • And ensuring the client is happy and the team gets the job done on time and within budget.

Our goal is to solve client’s problem with the business’s success in mind. A developer’s goal is to write code to meet your project specs. Button here, notification there, image over here, strategy nowhere.

We listen and consider your business model, audience, competition, and all of those considerations play into the project at hand.

We’re not afraid to say no. When a client suggests something that we do not see as a good fit for the project, or it’s not the right time, we will be willing to say no.  As a web consultant we want to see our work succeed post-launch. Rather than just focusing on launch day, we are more concerned about the long-term success of our guidance.

We will not suggest our services if we don’t believe there’s a good chance at a reasonable ROI.

If you have noticed a downfall in leads from your existing website or panning to expand your business reach to the world wide audience: