5 Point to know how to outsourcing mobile application development work?


Beyond doubt a good start. But there are a lot of good companies that are not present on the top five positions of search results. However, the right keywords will help you identify the best outsourcing agency. But I would suggest going with the other options as well.


1. Upload work on freelance portals to the point

Freelancing portals like UpWork, Guru, etc., are great platforms where you can find the perfect outsourcing companies and freelancers, along with their client feedback, ratings and other important links to check their past work.

2. Conduct talk, check reviews and client feedback to ensure their skills

Millions of application are developed across various platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. On an average, 50 million application are downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. This exceptional growth is increasing the demand of outsourcing the smartphone application development work. It’s better you to have proper discussion with developer and go through the bid documents before awarding project.

3. Put the worth prior to cost

Cost reduction is the first objective of outsourcing your mobile application overseas, but value is the previous thing that can’t be uncared for. It’s true that outsourcing to developing countries like India can reduce the cost, but the value of the mobile application might be negotiation if you choose less-skilled developers.

4. Work Flexibility

By outsourcing your work, your functioning work measures can be easily sleek, allowing you to focus on other task which can’t be compromised. If you outsource your mobile application development needs to India, a dedicated team of developers who form startup companies is able to work according to your time-zone, and in certain cases, leverage the time zone advantage to deliver work in significantly shorter durations.

5. Talk with the Bidder before Hiring

To outsource Android development or the iOS one, it’s very important you get to know the developer before you engage. Use an instant messaging program to discuss the task with a applicant in real time instead of through email. skype and imo is one of the most popular ways to speak with mobile application developers interested in working your job. However, you can also use message projects like google hangouts and what’sup and other popular messaging platforms to conduct developer dialogue and for project updates and advice. Messaging raised area to real-time options for having a discussion and getting your questions addressed with closeness. Through video conferences, you can get to know the developer and pick up on little fine distinction you won’t be able to do via text.

Bring away

It is possible to find a responsible developer to work with if you’re willing to be meticulous with your hunt. Take the time to evaluate ideal candidates until you find the perfect developer to complete your job to your contentment.

The Author

Mohit Mishra – Technical Director, iQuincesoft – Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, India. National Institute of Technology (NIT) Allahabad, India