What things make Laravel best Php Framework of 2016?


Every qualified developer has a dream, like writing clean and robust code which shall help to reduce time and develop project with high quality . PHP framework turns out to be the best option to doing this. However before to know which PHP Framework you have to use to develop your project, it is required you first understand as what is framework?

What is PHP Framework?

A PHP Framework is a basic platform that allows us to develop web applications. In other words, it provides structure. By using a PHP Framework, you will end up saving loads of time, stopping the need to produce repetitive code, and you’ll be able to build applications rapidly.

Here are some advantages to use PHP Framework:

  • Organize file and code structure
  • MVC – The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern helps you tier your code for easier maintenance. By keeping the data-manipulating logic separate from the bits that handle the display, you make it much easier to change either the template or the underlying code without touching the other.
  • Bundled classes – A framework includes classes and helper functions for common tasks, such as database access, pagination, and form handling. Not to mention smaller things, like truncating text to a specific word/character count.
  • Rapid development – Frameworks help you create a small to medium-sized application much quicker than if you wrote everything from scratch. If you’re in a hurry, using a framework will help you finish things before you reach that looming deadline.
  • Faster Application Development using Less Code (Rapid application development).
  • Model view control (MVC) Architecture
  • Community support
  • Suitable for teamwork
  • Pretested Framework with
    •        Any value passed to database object gets filtered against SQL injection attacks
    •        central authentication service architecture
    •        All HTML generating functions, such as form helpers and URL helpers filter the output automatically
    •        Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection
    •        Session management security integration
    •        Client-side cross-site scripting protection (xss)
    •        Encrypting cookies automatically is only a matter of changing a config option and lot more


Best PHP Framework Popularity contest of 2016


After reviewing Google trend comparisons, there are no doubts to say that laravel becomes the most popular PHP framework of 2016.

Here are Top Popular features of LARAVEL

  • Entirely new directory structure: Laravel 5.0.1 comes with an entirely new directory structure. Laravel 5.0.1 uses PSR-4 autoloading standards that mean all the classes are fully namespaced now. In this version, config, storage, and database folders are moved from the app folder in the new structure. Additionally. It offers the new resources folder for containing language and template files.
  • Route caching: Route caching feature speeds up the application route registration. This feature is ideal for such development projects that have large numbers of routes. However, once route caching is turned on, any changes that you make to the application routes will not take effect. Routing caching is generally implemented as a part of the deployment process.
  • Inbuilt Authentication System: Authentication is very crucial part of any web application because developers are spending the lots of time for coding authentication of any enterprise system. Authentication made simpler with Laravel 5.1, as it comes with inbuilt authentication. Developers only need to configure database, controllers, models to make this system work.
  • Multiple file system support: Laravel 5 offers great support for multiple file system for that it uses third party package Flysystem to provide support for multiple files. It provides an option for developers to use local or cloud-based storage to provide simple configuration. Moreover, developers can easily set storage options in config/filesystems.php file.
  • Improved method injection: Method Injection has improved a lot with the Laravel 5.0.1. Until this update, web developers need to demand inversion of control to provide a class instance. But now they can declare the type hinted class instance in the controller method’s signature.

Laravel comes with its own templating engine named “Blade”. The best thing about Blade is that it allows you to write plain PHP in the templates which essentially means that Blade brings no performance overheads to your application.

Laravel team has recently released “Lumen”, a micro PHP framework for the web developers who like to build lightning fast API’s as well as Laravel based services.


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