AboutThe Client


DsMesh’ vision is to be the leader in integrated security solutions, offering clients manned guarding to create the best possible security solution.


About this project

This project demanded a very unique approach as multiple users are involved such as:

A. Security Professionals.
B. Employers.
C. Admin.

We needed to create something that had both balance amongst integrations and user friendliness. This portal serves the private security needs of clients across borders and ensures your security concerns are prioritized above all.

Why is it popular?

Your physical security needs are provided at the site level by local account management, backed by the support of a branch office in your area alongside an established organization that uses best practices in hiring, training, and customer service and quality assurance.

DsMesh will expertly manage your account and security program. Your account is managed by a local team that knows your security needs. Your local team is supported by accessible, accountable management resources that focus on quality and response.

How it works?

What we did:

1. We evaluated the audience and market trends.
2. Aligned a team of designers and programmers with expertise.
3. Created initial blueprints and strategies.
4. Designed each and everything from scratch.
5. Created separate dashboards for users.
6. Integrated frontend with backend.
7. Tested it through various parameters.

What Tech we used:

Custom development of the entire is done using WordPress.

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0; Netscape 7.x and above (only on Windows), FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Devices Compatibility: Website would be developed using responsive framework to let it work on mobile, desktop and computer devices

Scripting Language/ User Interface: HTML,

Client Side Scripting: Java Script

Database: MySQL

Back End Programming: PHP

Hit the link below to check how exactly it can ensure your safety https://dsmesh.co.uk