AboutThe Client

Dan Smith CEO NanoFix

Dan is a proven advocate for development of products that go beyond utility to delight customers. Most recently, Adam served as the creative head of Bodyguardz, where for four years he championed the creation of a new category of gadget protection services. While Adam was at Bodyguardz, the company grew its client base by over 10x. During his tenure, Bodyguardz delivered industry-leading.

He advised the leadership teams of the firm’s consumer technology companies and helped evaluate new opportunities.
Dan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as BS and MS degrees in Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction from Stanford University.


About this project

This project was given to us because the previous works we did for the client, therefore a bigger responsibility was there to meet the expectations. This portal is integrated with e-commerce ability.

We did a research on targeted audience and formulated the plan to incorporate the concept into something that is user friendly and looks innovative. We also organized a workshop because we believe workshops offer a similar perspective.

They allow you to host exercises with different groups of people that make up your target audience to better understand the positioning of your client’s brand and products, while potentially determining some alternative methods that may be more effective. We used this process as a basis for deciding the order in which the preferred elements should be addressed during development.

What does it have for you?

If you are looking for solutions to protect your favourite gadgets, this portal will serve as the most useful one it has various offerings to protect the very screen of your devices.

Technological Platform:

CMS: WordPress 4.8

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0; Netscape 7.x and above (only on Windows), FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Devices Compatibility: Website would be developed using responsive framework to let it work on mobile, desktop and computer devices

Scripting Language/ User Interface: HTML,

Client Side Scripting: Java Script

Database: MySQL

Back End Programming: PHP

E-commerce: WooCommerce

Analytics and Tracking: Google Analytics

Audio/Video Media: YouTube

Hit the link and experience how it can secure your favourite gadget: