AboutThe Client

Rigworld Security Services is a leading Ghanaian security company which provides security solutions to different sectors of the country, where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat to the nation and its people. RSS has a professional staff of ex-military and service men with solid backgrounds in criminal law, criminal psychology, and so on, and an operational and management team with the right skills and vast knowledge in contemporary security systems and solutions.

Their first client was Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), whose business demanded that we provide professional, experienced and educated security guards at their various office locations nationwide and also to implement a variety of security solutions in all the operational sites.

They focus on the clients specific needs and believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to work with clients and design custom security solutions.


About this project

To kick off the discovery phase, we had a Skype meeting with key executives at RSS to better understand their unique challenges as a high-end security firm. We dug in deep to determine who their main site visitors were and set goals for each user group. The site goals set were: display their leadership within the security industry, highlight the wide array of services they offer, provide easy ways for potential clients to contact them for solutions, and attract quality job candidates.

UX Strategy

The first item we tackled during the UX Strategy phase was to clean up the site architecture. We needed to ensure that we were organizing content in a way that was easy to navigate, fun to digest, and helped us accomplish the site goals outlined during the discovery phase.

One of the biggest challenges with the website was the service details pages. RSS serves a wide variety of sectors, and the content assembled to promote them varied from sector to sector. So, we had to determine how this content would be laid out to allow for consistency between the sectors while maintaining flexibility with what content needed to show on a sector page.


Since their services are needed by almost everyone, we knew the redesigned site had to feel high-end to cater to them. Employing our solid UX strategy, we crafted stunning designs and programmed everything on a custom WordPress CMS. This allowed for total design customization while providing RSS with the ability to easily manage all of the content themselves.

Impressive Results

  • 39% increase in online enquiries
  • 47% less CPA
  • 240% increase in ROI