AboutThe Client

Kenneth Ammitzbøll

Ken has 12 years knowledge of the international trade in hardwood, steel, plastic, glass, textile with general management and entrepreneurial background. Danish citizen residing in Thailand for 10 years. Main strengths being start-ups, and trouble shooting, main goal to build a strong base in timber business, design, and outsourcing businesses with In House Hong Kong Ltd.

He provided constant feedback and approvals on progress and this allowed us to make this project a successful one.


About this project

SOLO is not just a project, it is a platform that benefits everyone, as simple as that. If you have used classified advertisements in newspapers or other media, you don’t need an introduction about SOLO, because the website utilizes the same process of classified advertisements in the virtual world.

In simpler words, you have to just visit the website, and publish your advertisement and thousands of internet users will be there to visit your ad. Who knows, they might be interested in the deal.

What features did we integrate?
  • Simple layout and easy to understand instructions.
  • Easily designed and customizable rich colourful ads with pictures. Solo allows posting interactive ads with photos and videos. The photos and videos of your product can attract buyers and give them a clear idea about the product. It is absolutely free.
  • Ability to control your buying and selling stuff through the user dashboard.
  • Display your ads on your social networking profile (Facebook, Myspace, Orkut etc).
  • The items are categorized and can be accessed easily.
  • Mobile friendly site. You can access the site from your mobile phone. SOLO has a mobile optimized website for faster access.
  • You can buy or sell things from more than 5 countries including USA.
Who are the competitors:
    We are in a tough battle against some of the biggest industry giants like:

  • Craigslist.
  • Gumtree.
  • Quikr.
  • OLX.
What Tech did we use?

This is quite confidential and client hasn’t permitted us to publish it so we wouldn’t be able to tell you that. But we could always have a word about the things we can do for you if you are thinking about a project similar to it.


Solo is highly user focused and this is why the uniqueness can be maintained for the audience. We have initially made it available for following countries:
1. USA.
2. UK.
3. New Zealand.
4. India.
5. Denmark.
6. Australia.

Hit the link and experience how it can secure your favourite gadget: