AboutThe Client

TransAtlantic Services Ltd is a 100% Ghanaian company which provides Offshore & Onshore Catering Services as well as Wholesale & Retail Distribution of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods across Ghana and West Africa.

They work together towards the common vision of the organization. The everyday work-life is based on rules, procedures and instructions; ours is based on teamwork and cooperation.


About this project

Kofi approached us with a clear understanding that their website was outdated and lacking the level of professionalism their clientele expects. One of their biggest issues was that their site was not responsive making the viewing experience on mobile or tablet unpleasant for visitors, so we knew from that outset that making a site that is attractive and easy to use regardless of viewing platform would be a priority for the site.

With some overall goals outlined, we wanted to gain an understanding of TransAtlantic’s user base. By learning about who is using the site and what they are using it for, we were able to design a strategy that targets visitors directly.

UX & Build

With our goals in place and a firm understanding of TransAtlantic’ clientele, we began wire framing the page designs. By inundating visitors with TransAtlantic’ success from the outset, we immediately began removing any doubt visitors might have. Additionally, in order to position TransAtlantic as thought leaders and further dissuade any visitor suspicion, we placed a carousel of recent insights toward the top of the page.

Once our wireframes were finalized we moved into the design phase of the project. Focusing on elegance, we stuck predominantly to shades of sky-blue throughout the site while breaking up the darker tones with a healthy amount of whitespace to let the design breath.

Impressive Results

  • 48% increase in inbound leads
  • 37% less CPA
  • 340% increase in ROI